Environment & Sustainability Policy

At Braw Clan we're determined to protect, nurture and bring to life the richness of our language. And just as our language is a crucial element of life in Scotland, so too is our environment.

That's why we will always seek to abide by Theatre Green Book standards, to reduce our environmental footprint where we can, and to ensure our work contributes to a greener Scotland.

And just as our organisation grows and develops, so too will our approach to environmental and sustainability evolve and mature.

The following commitments and actions are endorsed by the Braw Clan Board and its team.

Our Commitments

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regularly review our policy and actions.
  • Discuss environmental issues at every level of the company and enshrine sustainability at the heart of the company policy and practice.
  • Engage artists and audiences with environmental issues through our artistic programme.
  • Increase employee awareness of environmental policies and encourage a culture of shared responsibility.
  • Communicate our initiatives and progress to audiences and partners.
  • Reduce wastage, preserve resources and recycle across all areas of the company.
  • Seek to ensure procurement and purchasing practices are guided by a ‘local first’ approach.
  • Work to the standards of the Theatre Green Book


  • This approach to sustainable business practice is supported and endorsed by the Board and core team.
  • It is communicated to employees at regular staff and management meetings and in inductions or initial meetings with new employees.
  • All employees are encouraged to engage with the policy, contribute to the action plan and attend industry wide briefings and workshops around the subject, fostering a culture of shared responsibility across the company for achieving our objectives.
  • We will subscribe to Creative Scotland’s Environmental Sustainability criteria and regularly assess our progress against both this and leading sustainable business practice.
  • Use the Theatre Green Book as a frame of reference and starting point for all relevant discussions
  • Where possible, we will develop partnerships and collaborations, within the theatre sector and beyond, which will help us to achieve our targets


  • The core team will also review and evaluate our performance internally on a project-by-project basis, identifying new initiatives and setting measurable targets for future progress.
  • We will use wider surveys to gather data from audiences, artists and staff when appropriate.


Effective Date: May 15th 2023

Next Review: May 15th 2024